NADADOM is a new, Tel Aviv-based publishing company founded in 2021 by American actor and filmmaker Danny A, music producer and radio personality Noy Alooshe, and artist manager and PR man Or Mermelstein, with the goal of exposing the international music and entertainment industry to the best songwriters, producers and beatmakers that the Israeli scene has to offer.

The company represents and manages original material by leading Israeli songwriters and producers who are behind the most significant breakthroughs in the local as well as international music markets, alongside up-and-coming names from the indie and underground scenes which  are currently cooking up the hottest sounds and beats of tomorrow.

It’s been hard to miss the impressive way in which Israeli music creatives have stepped up their songwriting and production game in recent years, and Nadadom believes that similar to the Israeli television industry—which has been supplying the international market with popular, original and high-quality content—the time has come for Israel’s music scene to reach a new height.

All three founders of Nadadom have a rich background in the Israeli as well as American music and entertainment world, and the professional abilities they’ve acquired, together with valuable connections, can pave the way for uncharted territories and opportunities that many artists previously viewed as unattainable dreams. 

NADADOM intends to be the connecting thread between the Israeli musicians and the major driving forces behind the global music market: from leading record labels and A&R representatives to film, television, advertising and gaming industries.

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Nadadom founder 1. pic by Sasha Prilutsk

By Sasha Prilutsky

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